Grymes Memorial School nurtures, challenges, and brings out the best in its students.

Balancing excellence in academics and character development, the humanities and the sciences, creativity and analytical reasoning, strong writing and confident speaking, joyful work and exuberant play, individual achievement and service to others, and a commitment to traditions and preparation for opportunities in the future, Grymes is a place where students flourish.

At Grymes talented teachers foster in students a genuine love for learning. Whether exploring aquatic life in a nearby stream, reciting a poem at an assembly, or collaborating with a classmate on a history project, our students learn in ways that actively engage their minds and cultivate essential skills. They learn to take risks. They grow in confidence that comes from real achievement.

At Grymes every student is known and valued. Supported by a strong partnership between teachers and parents, our students master the building blocks of learning – from English grammar and handwriting to mathematics and technology – and pursue interests in the arts, athletics, and other areas. They discover the world and their own ability to contribute to it in positive ways.

At Grymes character counts. Honor, respect, responsibility, and kindness are the core values that bind our community and provide the moral compass that we seek to instill in our students. They are the values that we believe lead to happy, productive lives.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our school. To learn even more and to get know the people who make Grymes such a vibrant place in which to learn and grow, I encourage you and your family to visit our campus.


Yours sincerely,

Jonathan D. Brand

Head of School