Watch out, Dr. Work. There’s a new Headmaster at the Helm!

April 27, 2017
April 27, 2017

Watch out, Dr. Work. There’s a new Headmaster at the Helm!

Student Spotlight: Smith Hopper

It seems Dr. Work has some competition on her hands…

One of two winners of “Headmaster for a Day” from the recent Grymes Auction, sixth grader Smith Hopper assumed the office of the “big cheese” for the day this week, giving Dr. Work some heated competition at the helm of the school. Headmaster Hopper began his tenure in Dr. Work’s office, where he made himself quite comfortable at her desk making some very important decisions. Smith decreed that all Upper Schoolers would enjoy extended recess for the day – and a dress down day to boot – and he granted sixth graders a night of homework amnesty.

Needless to say, Headmaster Hopper’s decisions were received with overwhelming enthusiasm by the student body.

Smith’s experience as Head of School continued with lunch with Dr. Work and a friend at Wise Guys in Orange, before returning to school for congratulatory cake for the sixth grade class.

“I must say, Dr. Hopper handled his new responsibilities with great aplomb,” concedes Dr. Work with a smile. “I was delighted to enjoy lunch in town with our new Head of School and his guest, who both proved to be avid historians, train aficionados, and excellent conversationalists on a wide range of topics.  And we thoroughly enjoyed the burgers and fries offered at Wise Guys!”

Smith is a natural as a leader and aspires to become an Eagle Scout, following in the footsteps of his older brother who is a Green Beret. Smith has participated in the Boy Scouts program for years and is working on collecting his merit badges. His most recent addition: his Riflery Badge (he has now turned his focus on the Aviation Badge, which he is very excited to pursue!) Smith is excited to attend Boy Scout Camp this summer to continue working towards his Eagle Scout goal.

Another great passion of Smith’s: sports. Having participated in Grymes athletics for two years now, Smith loves spending time outdoors and on the athletic field. One of his favorite pastimes is baseball, and he especially loves following the Nationals.

When asked if he enjoyed being Head for a Day, Smith replied that it was fun, but just for one day. “It was fun to be able to make the rules, and I liked sitting at Dr. Work’s desk,” says Smith of the experience. “I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to see happen, and I’m glad the students were able to enjoy my decisions!”

Well done, Headmaster Hopper!