The Friday Five: Partner Moments

September 30, 2016
September 30, 2016

The Friday Five: Partner Moments

The Partner Program is one of many community-building traditions that brings our school family together. Upper Schoolers sparked a buzz of excitement this week when they sent “Mystery Partner” letters to their younger partners with clues about their identity. After a week of speculation and anticipation, identities were revealed this morning, and the partner pairs spent some time getting to know one another.

This week in the Friday Five, witness five moments that capture the essence of partner reveal day:

In Junior Kindergarten, after Mrs. Keating read fourth grade partner letters out loud, students used the clues to pick out which fourth grader their partner could be. Fourth graders (who are “big partners” for the first time this year) included such clues as “I have brown hair” and “My shoes are blue” as helpful hints.


In Kindergarten, students put puzzle pieces from fifth grade self portraits together before guessing who their partner could be. Fifth graders then spent time reading stories to their new friends.


First and sixth grade pairs got right to it!
The room was all smiles as new friendships formed.


Second graders got all twisted up with their new seventh grade friends.


The pressure was on for third graders to guess correctly…
After all, their partners are eighth graders this year!


We’re excited to watch these special friendships continue to grow during Partner Days throughout the year!