Head Coach: Laura Nelson
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The Grymes field hockey program is one of the school’s greatest fall traditions. The primary goal of the program is to provide quality instruction, competition, and personal growth for each player. Learning what it means to be a good teammate and playing with a high level of sportsmanship are integral parts of the program. Players who are new or have the skill level and desire to play field hockey will enjoy being a part of the team!

Head Coach: Tanner Carlton
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The boys’ soccer program focuses on developing players to compete at the next level. Players learn about the importance of sportsmanship and the value of competition. On the pitch, we do not pass up the opportunity to educate or to learn, and we use our field as a vehicle that helps us demonstrate what it means to be part of a team, and how a team’s effort is far greater than that of an individual. Our message is very clear: success is not measured by wins or losses, but by developing character, a valuable lesson that will stay with students beyond the lines of a soccer field.

Practices for players in fifth through eighth grades occur throughout the week during P.E. classes and after school with games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Coaches: James Erickson

The Grymes Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country program competes in three to four races each fall. The team trains on our beautiful 42 acre campus that includes amazing views, and ninety percent of the team’s training takes place on our beautifully groomed grassy trails to avoid the injuries associated with pounding the pavement. Each fall, Grymes hosts the popular Annie Inskeep Invitational that brings over a hundred runners to our campus to raise money for the Hospice of the Rapidan. All members of the squad participate in every meet. As a program, we focus on individual improvement by setting goals for each week and for the season. We train together, take pride in our accomplishments, and have fun as a team!

Head Coach: Elijah Nelson
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The Grymes boys’ basketball program includes two teams competing at the fifth and sixth grade, and seventh and eighth grade levels. The programs combine to give two different basketball experiences to student-athletes of all levels of experience. The basketball program is dedicated to the development of individual players no matter their experience or skill level. It is the goal of the program to help players improve their skills, learn the rules of the game, and work as part of a team. We focus on fundamental skills while encouraging an environment of fun and competition so that each player is continually improving and reaching his maximum potential, whatever that may be.

Head Coach Laura Nelson
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The girls’ basketball team builds on the love of the game, skill development, and introduces a strong competitive element to the high-paced, exciting game of basketball. Our team has enjoyed great success over the years due largely to the exceptional coaching of long time Grymes teacher and coach, Laura Nelson. Student-athletes work hard every day honing their craft, working on the fundamentals, and pushing each other to do and be their best.

Head Coach: TBD
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The Grymes girls’ soccer program often involves upwards of twenty girls during the spring season. We want each of our girls to feel challenged and supported in our program, and we focus on developing their passion for this fast-growing sport. With a long tradition of success, the program competes with other prep schools around central Virginia, and many of our players will go on to pursue the sport at the secondary level. We are excited for the opportunity to work with each of our players and to see them grow as athletes, competitors, teammates, and young women, and we can’t wait for a great season ahead!

Head Coach: TBD
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Grymes has had a boys’ lacrosse program for over twenty years. The lacrosse team is dedicated to skill development and fostering a deep passion for the game. Typically, the team consists of about twenty-five young men who are eager to improve and become knowledgeable of the game. The goals of the program are to introduce the game to those new to the sport, develop skills and prepare young players to play at the next level. To achieve this end, the team works hard, plays a full, competitive schedule, and most importantly, has fun. Many of our Grizzly lacrosse players have moved on to continue the sport at the secondary level. Our coaches emphasize individual skill development, cohesive team play, a competitive spirit, and good sportsmanship. Highlights during the season each year are a pre-season jamboree, a six-team lacrosse tournament hosted by Grymes in May, and a third and fourth grade intramural program to develop future Grizzly lacrosse players. We’re looking forward to another exciting season ahead!

Head Coach: Marcy Wagner
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Tennis is one of the newest programs that is offered in the spring at Grymes. With players having access to exceptional courts at nearby Woodberry Forest, students interested in learning the game of tennis are able to learn by an exceptional coach, former collegiate tennis player and current Grymes faculty member Marcy Wagner. With a focus on fundamentals in a fun and instructive environment, student athletes develop a love for the sport while gaining experience on the court and learning technical skills. The team practices on Wednesdays and our program emphasizes team play, team chemistry, and sportsmanship.