Student Voices: Love Letters to Grymes

February 15, 2016
February 15, 2016

Student Voices: Love Letters to Grymes

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Bost’s seventh grade English class recently composed poetry to Grymes using William Carlos William’s two famous poems The Red Wheel Barrow and This is Just to Say as models.

Here are just a few of their beautiful compositions:


There is just so much love
in this small building
It flows through the halls
it  leaks out the windows
I feel safe
in this wonder-filled place
I call home
Thank you for loving me
Be my Valentine

Gwynn Perdue

To Grymes:

So much depends
upon the
little Kindergartners
upon the
hard-working teachers
upon the
tables, pretending to be wooden
upon the
the one writing this poem,
but most of all
upon this
everyone together
upon the
reader of this poem
Thank you, Grymes
Be My Valentine

Milo Jacobs


a loving family
catching me when I fall
pushing me back up
to do the best that I can
Be My Valentine

Lily Wiley