A whole-child education would not be complete without opportunities to develop physical fitness, coordination and self confidence, teamwork and sportsmanship.

At Grymes, every child participates in physical education classes daily, and cooperative play, teamwork and sportsmanship are the focus of the program. Starting in Junior Kindergarten, students hone their fine and gross motor skills as they develop a sense of their body, improve coordination and understand spatial awareness. A deeper sense of strength, stamina and competence is nurtured as children progress from Junior Kindergarten through the lower school physical education program. Mastery of physical skills and coordination develop as students are introduced to a variety of sports in the lower school.

In the Upper School, teamwork and competitive play are emphasized as students build on prior concepts and skills. Through exposure to a wide range of sports and team activities, Upper School students develop proficiency, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Leadership as well as respect and tolerance for physical differences are emphasized. Upper School students are required to change into a PE uniform prior to class, which reinforces important concepts of responsibility and hygiene.

Starting in the fifth grade, we offer each student regardless of ability the opportunity to experience growth, accomplishment and success as a member of one of eight athletic teams over three seasons. Field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, squash, cross country and tennis are offered seasonally, with meetings twice a week after school and occasionally during gym class and interscholastic competitions twice weekly. Almost all Grymes students participate in at least one athletic activity each year, and our experienced faculty-coaches foster a deep commitment to teammates and school.

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