Grymes is a joyful learning environment. It is our belief that children want to learn.

Grymes Memorial School, a coeducational day school founded in 1947, instills in students an enthusiasm for learning. The School provides a strong academic foundation and encourages thinking that is creative, reasoned and analytical. The social, physical, and artistic growth of each student is emphasized in an atmosphere of respect, fairness and honesty. The school community supports the development of essential skills in small classes that provide a safe environment for students to take risks and have pride in their accomplishments.

Grymes Memorial School is committed to providing a curriculum that will prepare students for independent schools and regional public high schools. Grymes has built a reputation for academic excellence and the development of students who are curious, independent learners. Teachers use a variety of strategies and techniques to help students with a wide range of abilities and learning styles. A strong partnership between teachers and parents creates a supportive learning environment that enhances academic achievement.

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Nurturing Character

We nurture the character of every child, emphasizing honor, respect, responsibility and kindness.

Building Thinkers

We build curious, analytical, and tenacious thinkers through a thoughtfully designed curriculum. We challenge students to take risks, whether solving a math problem, developing a scientific hypothesis, or writing a poem.

Cultivating Creativity

We cultivate creativity across all disciplines. Students discover their voices and grow in confidence as they explore varied means of expression.

Fostering Community

We foster community by providing a warm family atmosphere that allows students to grow and flourish.

Launching Learners

By developing students of good character, who have built a strong foundation of thinking skills, who have found their voices through intellectual and creative outlets, and who are well-grounded in a caring community, we launch learners in pursuit of meaningful lives.