Look Up.

February 28, 2018

Look Up.

A poem written by the class of 2019

Look up,
Remember me?
The girl who can throw a ball.
The boy who loves soccer.
Look again, because
Everything is not what it seems…

To look once, you see a child
To look again, you see hope.
Look past the walls we’ve built around us.
We are traveling
a labyrinth of
trails cluttered with creepers

We push on into the wild…
dreams trailing from our fingers
like beams of light
like raindrops.

I dream of a world where everyone can read.
And I, a world where we all have a home.
I dream of ice cream for breakfast.
And I, winning the 100 meter backstroke.
I dream of meeting Parry Hotter…
What about death to Word Voyage?
I will shine a light on those in need.
And I, the end of world hunger.

Look up.
Remember me?
The girl who loves to talk fast.
The boy with grey eyes.
The daughter who thinks of everything.
The son who is never home.

To look once you see a child
To look again, you see dreams.
I dream that I can make a difference.
And I dream of the day I will stop doubting myself.
I will light a match that ends racism.
I will find the switch that slows down climate change.
And I will pull back the curtain on perspectives
to let its light fill every corner.

We will lean in to the wind.
We will step into our own
while protecting each other.
We will step up to the line.
Toe the line.
Read between the lines.
We will cross and re-cross
the lines between us
until they all fade away.

Our path is littered
with misunderstanding,
a minefield of confusion.
Because my truth is not yours.

We will emerge from
this traffic jam of egos
with our friends by our side,
with new ideas
and new goals.
We might even learn to listen
to each other,
and to the gull trapped in a net,
to the seal covered in oil.

Look up.
Remember me?
The girl who loves tennis.
The boy who loves John Deere tractors.
The one who craves diversity
and the one who can’t put her phone down.
We have your maps.
Your DNA.

We will test your hypothesis.
We will remember your stories
and your honesty.
You have carved a delicate canyon in our hearts so we can hear you.

Look up.
Remember me?
The girl who loves her pony.
The boy who reads too much.
Memorize my map because
I am turning away now,
book by book
summer by summer
truth by truth
bruise by bruise
smile by smile.

Still we ask you…
What door should we open?
Which one should we close?

We are stepping into our truth…
We stand before you,
reality swirling at our feet
with a mouth full of hope.
Now we see that we will have to
dive deep as
nothing lives on the surface.
Knock down walls
we can’t see over.
Build bridges
if we can’t swim.

Look up!
Remember me?
The boy who loves to dance.
The girl that needs braces.
To look once you see a child.
To look again, you see the future.
Thank you for giving us hope.
For tying our shoes.
For teaching me to ride a bike.
For reading me Good Night Moon.
For driving me to soccer practice.
For taking me to Cambodia…

We will be the wings that take us into the unknown.
And you, you will be the anchor that holds our feet to the ground.

Look up.
Remember me?

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