In Honor of Earth Day: Assistant Head of School Tamie Campbell Shares our Wildflower Project

April 22, 2016
April 22, 2016

In Honor of Earth Day: Assistant Head of School Tamie Campbell Shares our Wildflower Project

In honor of Earth Day today, we thought we’d share some details about our exciting Wildflower project, which is taking shape and about to burst into bloom this Fall!

A work in progress that started as a dream in the summer of 2014, the project began in earnest last Spring after we received a generous grant from the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQUIP) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), both part of the United States Department of Agriculture.These organizations work with landowners to encourage land conservation, both to improve the land and to benefit the environment by sustaining local wildlife and ecological growth. The planting of nearly 13 acres of grounds on the northwest side of our campus, including the 7.1 acres between our soccer field and our neighbors’ adjoining farm and the 5.7 acres along the upper side of the Yellow Brick Road, were filled with thirteen varieties of wildflowers and three varieties of native warm season grasses, bordered by hundreds of shrubs planted by Grymes students, teachers, parents, neighbors, community members and other volunteers.

At the start of the 2016 – 2017 school year, these acres will show the first signs of gorgeous flowers, bushes and blooms that will draw local birds, traveling butterflies, pollinating bees and other insects and critters, marking the start of new adventures in our science curriculum! STEM stations along the Yellow Brick Road will invite our students to get outside and explore with a focus on flora and fauna, weather, art, team-building, critical-thinking and so much more!

The following plants are just some of the many varieties we’ll see in blossom, coming soon:

Grymes Hedegrow 1      Grymes Hedegrow 2

Grymes Hedegrow 3       Grymes Hedegrow 4

Grymes Hedegrow 5       Grymes Hedegrow 7

Grymes Hedegrow 8       Grymes Hedegrow 9

Grymes Hedegrow 10       Grymes Hedegrow 11

Grymes Hedegrow 12       Grymes Hedegrow 13

Grymes Hedegrow 14        Grymes Hedegrow 15

Grymes Hedegrow 16       Grymes Hedegrow 17

Grymes Hedegrow 18       Grymes Hedegrow 19

Grymes Hedegrow 20       Grymes Hedegrow 21

Grymes Hedegrow 22       Grymes Hedegrow 23

Grymes Hedegrow 24

Special thanks to our many volunteers who joined us in planting our 13 acres this Spring, including parents, neighbors and friends of Grymes, as well as volunteers from Woodberry Forest School (pictured below) who chipped in for the cause!

KJ, Jonathan, Shannon, Edo, Corey, Stephen

Stephen, Corey, Edo, Shannon, KJ, Jonathan