The global pandemic has suspended Grymes classes on campus, but joyful learning continues in creative and meaningful ways.

Since returning from spring break, Grymes teachers and students have engaged in our new remote learning program. Students now work from home, and teachers lead the way by focusing on core essentials while also providing a range of enrichment opportunities across the various subject areas. Online platforms have been effective vehicles for communication and conveying course content. Direct support from teachers, whether through the internet or telephone calls, has worked to deepen relationships and guide students in their progress.

Almost overnight teachers worked to put together a purposeful program that prioritizes the fundamentals of learning, including reading, writing, and mathematics, and expands opportunities to grow in unconventional ways. Lessons and materials have encouraged students to work independently and well in addition to inspiring them to explore areas of interest and hone important academic and personal skills. Whether crafting a sentence for a paragraph, solving a math problem, participating in a virtual discussion, or creating a field guide for their back yard, students are learning in both new and old ways.

Respect, responsibility, honor, and kindness continue to be the guiding ideals for Grymes students. While they are now practicing these at home, students have even greater opportunities to develop other essential qualities, such as resilience, resolve, and concern for others, that the current crisis demands of all of us.

Grymes teachers, students, and parents have been undaunted in their determination to support each other and to make the best of a difficult situation. Our community remains as strong as ever, and joyful learning, even while remote, continues to flourish.