Grymes Student Published in Teen Vogue

December 8, 2017
December 8, 2017

Grymes Student Published in Teen Vogue

Student Spotlight: Roxie Beebe-Center ’19

When the opportunity arose for Roxie Beebe-Center to join her parents on a two-week tour of the Canadian Arctic last summer, what she thought at first was a cool family trip became a memorable experience that continues to influence her. The trip, a two-week expedition by boat through Canada’s Hudson Bay to the western fjords of Greenland led by a company called Adventure Canada, immediately struck a chord with Roxie. “I knew it was going to be an interesting trip, and I love to travel so I was excited to visit a new part of the world I hadn’t seen before,” says Roxie, “but I was surprised by how academic the trip’s focus was. I didn’t expect that I’d be actively learning the entire time.”

“I thought it was so interesting and inspiring.”

Learn she did! Through various talks, presentations and essays from scientists, journalists and other experts in their field throughout the trip, Roxie’s attention was instantly grabbed. “It was fascinating to be exploring this beautiful new part of the world, experiencing the Inuit culture in person, witnessing this beautiful topography, seeing Arctic wildlife, and then coming back to the boat and hearing these incredible presentations about the science and politics behind climate change,” Roxie states. “I thought it was so interesting and inspiring.”

Pictured above: The ship, named “Ocean Endeavour”, as it navigates a fjord in Greenland
from Roxie’s article in The Rappahannock News (link below)

Of the many memorable experiences during the trip (including, among others, getting to know members of the Young Explorers Club, meeting local Inuits and having a few close encounters with polar bears) Roxie cites interviewing writer Margaret Atwood (who was also traveling on the expedition) as a memorable moment. “Journalists on the ship requested interviews with Ms. Atwood and I was so excited to be given a time. I asked her about being a feminist and conservationist,” says Roxie. “It was really cool to interview her. She was very nice and funny, but a little intimidating.”

“What I love about Teen Vogue is that it’s an issue-based magazine for a younger audience. It’s about politics, current events, and issues for a modern reader.”

After returning home, Roxie’s interview was published in her local paper, The Rappahannock News, this past summer. (Click here to read Roxie’s article in The Rappahannock News from August 3, 2017) An avid reader of Teen Vogue, Roxie also pitched the article to her favorite magazine. “What I love about Teen Vogue is that while it’s a magazine for younger people, it isn’t just about fashion; it’s about politics and current events and activism. I thought Teen Vogue might be interested in a story about the trip, so my mom and I researched how to contact the editor.”

Conde Nast was instantly interested, yet having just published a piece on Margaret Atwood had to decline. “They asked me to pitch something else instead, and so I approached it from a different angle to focus on climate change as an issue.” (Click here to read Roxie’s article in Teen Vogue Online) When asked if she is excited about being published in Teen Vogue Online, Roxie is hesitant to seem boastful. “I’m really excited about it, sure, but anyone can do this!” She states, adding that all it takes is some internet searching to find a contact to submit writing to.

Click here for the full article

When asked if she hopes to pursue journalism as a career, she’s quick to respond: “Among other things.” Her laundry list of future careers of interest includes not just writer and journalist but also actor, movie producer, activist, artist, teacher, and magazine editor.

And with that, our time was up. Roxie abruptly excused herself to head to English class, where she was to peer review and edit another piece of creative writing with her class. Never a dull moment in the life of a writer!


Roxie Beebe-Center ’19 is a Grymes seventh grader whose passions are horseback riding, traveling and exploring new cultures. For more on the Creative Writing program at Grymes Memorial School, click here.