“Play is often talked about as if it were a break from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” – Fred Rogers

Organization, concentration, patience and working independently are the emphasis of our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs. The play-based creative activities designed to develop language, visual perception, spatial organization and other essential skills in Junior Kindergarten lay the foundation for reading readiness, math concepts, vocabulary and language arts that are the focus of the Kindergarten curriculum.

Creative, hands-on activity in the classroom allows young students to approach new concepts and skills through fun and play!

Spanish Instruction

Spanish class with our dedicated Lower School Spanish teacher exposes young students to Spanish vocabulary, language, literature and culture.

Movement & Play

Recess twice daily on the Lower School playground and physical education classes regularly during the week give young students plenty of opportunity to get up and moving!

Signature Programs

Early Learners attend weekly all-school assemblies, participate in the Partner Program, perform class plays and Kindergartners recite Declamations in front of students, parents and teachers!

Our Junior Kindergarten program is open to children ages three through five. With their self-contained learning center and adjacent playground, Junior Kindergartners are sheltered from the hustle and bustle of a busy hallway. Mornings are geared toward kindergarten preparation and the development of important reading, writing and non-verbal skills. Following lunchtime, outdoor play and rest, afternoon sessions are designed for enrichment and reinforcement.

All Junior Kindergartners enjoy Spanish instruction, music, library and PE weekly.

Our Junior Kindergarten program is a five-day program, offering flexibility in the length of the school day. Inquire for details!

The Kindergarten curriculum encourages the development of critical thinking and problem solving while expanding vocabulary, building reading readiness through alphabet and letter sounds, and exploring concepts of seasons, weather, plants and animals. The curriculum is enhanced by hands-on learning experiences including trips to an apple orchard, a dinner theater, the Bug Box, the town of Orange and the local animal shelter while engaging in community service activities that help to expand the student’s understanding of the world. Kindergartners attend Spanish and music classes twice a week, and art, library and computer weekly, with physical education classes held daily to get the wiggles out!