Grymes Remote Learning

The global pandemic has suspended Grymes classes on campus, but joyful learning continues in creative and meaningful ways.

Since returning from spring break, Grymes teachers and students have engaged in our new remote learning program. Students now work from home, and teachers lead the way by focusing on core essentials while also providing a range of enrichment opportunities across the various subject areas. Online platforms have been effective vehicles for communication and conveying course content. Direct support from teachers, whether through the internet or telephone calls, has worked to deepen relationships and guide students in their progress.

Almost overnight teachers worked to put together a purposeful program that prioritizes the fundamentals of learning, including reading, writing, and mathematics, and expands opportunities to grow in unconventional ways. Lessons and materials have encouraged students to work independently and well in addition to inspiring them to explore areas of interest and hone important academic and personal skills. Whether crafting a sentence for a paragraph, solving a math problem, participating in a virtual discussion, or creating a field guide for their back yard, students are learning in both new and old ways.

Respect, responsibility, honor, and kindness continue to be the guiding ideals for Grymes students. While they are now practicing these at home, students have even greater opportunities to develop other essential qualities, such as resilience, resolve, and concern for others, that the current crisis demands of all of us.

Grymes teachers, students, and parents have been undaunted in their determination to support each other and to make the best of a difficult situation. Our community remains as strong as ever, and joyful learning, even while remote, continues to flourish.


You Are Not Alone – Navigating the Remote Learning Wilderness


Week 2:

Two weeks. That seems manageable, especially when timed to follow our Spring Break. Two months. Now wait just a minute. This is a whole different story.

Of course, I wasn’t shocked. I follow the news more carefully than I did just two weeks ago. I watched the press conference announcing the extended closure of K-12 schools in Virginia, but when it hit me, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Because I am not a teacher. Communications professional, mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, music lover and photography enthusiast…nope, that’s what I suspected. Teacher was not on that list. Until now.

Suddenly a million thoughts turned over in my mind at the speed of light. I began to grieve for things my daughter (and our family) would lose during these strange days that can feel very isolating at times. I began to mourn the loss of our routine and the trusted assurance that she was off to a fun day of learning with her friends as she waved goodbye to me and I began my normal day. And my heart breaks as my daughter’s five-year-old mind grapples with these same issues and tries to make sense of things that I struggle to understand myself. And then I question – am I even equipped for this? It’s so much to take in so quickly.

PAUSE. I take a breath. Yes, I can do this. And then I remember that I am not alone. I can still ask questions at parent-teacher conferences this week. I can reach out to my friends and colleagues at Grymes. I can share my ideas and thoughts with them and with other parents. Of course, we will get through this. We will learn together.

Another deep breath, as I piece together what tomorrow will look like. It may go just the way I envision, or more likely, it will not. I’ll let you know next week. Until then, it’s one day at a time. It’s comforting to know that whether we are teachers, lawyers, self-employed, or stay-at-home parents, we’re all in this together, as Grizzlies.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Grymes faculty and staff during these times of remote learning. We may be learning remotely, but we’re still here for you.

Innovation Celebration – We can’t wait to do it again!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our inaugural Innovation Celebration such a
great success!

It was a festive community event full of joyful learning opportunities for all ages in addition to
the fun of hot air balloon rides. Our 7th and 8th graders presented a wide array of interesting
innovation projects. The wonderful creativity and commitment of our faculty was on full display
in the various innovation rooms. Many parents volunteered in different ways. And food trucks,
including Grymes parent Charley Matheson and his special-recipe chili, provided delicious and
hot food.

We are particularly grateful to Julie Sherman for launching this new event and to our hot air
balloon sponsors, Dr. Khalid Athar (Wellspring) and Philip and Kelly Thornton (RE/MAX).

Save the Date! Alumni Day 11/26/19

Fun for all! Alumni will start the afternoon with lunch and cornhole games on the blacktop. 8th grade students will participate in a Q&A session, followed by a whole-school assembly with a guest speaker. We’ll finish up the day with Reds and Whites competing in games in the gym before we head out for Thanksgiving Break.
All alumni are welcome to stop by and say hello – we can’t wait to hear how you’ve been!

Swing for the School 2019 – A Great Success

We could not have asked for better weather or a better way to spend a lovely day! The Swing for the School 12th Annual Golf Tournament was a great success. Thank you to all players and supporters of the Swing for the School Golf Tournament and a special congrats goes to Steve Sedwick, Kevin Shifflett, Mike Moyers and Benny Sedwick for bringing home the trophy this year.  Go Grizzlies!