Grymes is a special school, a small family community with deep roots in tradition and a keen eye on the future.

Like other independent schools, Grymes Memorial School is governed by an independent, self-perpetuating board of trustees. Comprised of current and former parents, alumni, friends and leading members of the community, the Board’s primary responsibility is to sustain the school’s mission through wise financial and strategic planning, establishing appropriate policies and oversight of the school’s finances.

The Board appoints the Head of School, who reports directly to the Board. The Head of School is responsible for operating the school, selecting staff members, admitting students, directing curriculum, implementing program and communicating with parents and with the community at large.

2018 – 2019 Board of Trustees

Franklin Daniels, Chairman
Phoebe Warmack, Vice Chairman
Maggie Bullard ’93, Secretary
Jim Collins, Treasurer
Andrew Campbell ’96, At Large

David Perdue
Horton Beebe-Center
Betty Long
Aiden Burke ’84
Jim Collins
Yancey Ford
Anna May

Jennifer Hulsey
Jalal Akhavein
Nancy Wiley
Katharine McBride, Emerita
Virginius Shackelford, III, Emeritus
Anne Ueltschi, Emerita