Summer Program Highlights

We just wrapped up our two week summer program known as the “3 R’s: Review, Reinforce, and {en} Rich.” The 3 R’s workshops offered students the opportunity to review and reinforce key academic skills. Daily instruction of important concepts in mathematics and language arts were supplemented with enriching opportunities to explore history, science, Spanish, art, and reading.

We absolutely loved seeing our families again. The weather provided excellent outdoor learning opportunities on our 42 acre campus and we were able to practice and grow comfortable with our new safety guidelines. We could not be more proud of how well our students have adapted to these new ways. Grymes is looking forward to seeing everyone on September 8th!

Summer 2020 Renovations

We are excited to share some renovation photos with you! There is still much to be done, but, so far everything looks great! We will start this school year fresh with brand new flooring, ceiling tiles and lights (on dimmer switches), new touch-less water bottle stations, touch-less sinks, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers, and new doors. If you have been here before then you will be pleased with the new private entry to the boys’ bathroom! In addition to these building updates, teachers were able to clear out their classrooms in order to provide more space for social distancing this year. We look forward to seeing everything completed and can’t wait to share these updates in person. Also posted are a couple “before” photos!

The 2019-2020 School Year in Review

Last September the Grymes school year started off in its traditional way: handshakes and hugs as students were dropped off by buses and cars at the front circle. Morning greetings reflected the warmth of our community and the affection students feel for their friends and teachers.
Fall was happy, busy, and full with field trips, declamations, plays, music performances, assemblies, pep rallies, partner days, and so much more. Christmas came and went, and as we powered through the winter and headed into March, no one could have anticipated the spring that was ahead. Teachers, administrators, students, and parents were all challenged in new, unforeseen ways.
Thanks to teamwork, loyalty, and dedication to the Grymes mission, we persevered together. We turned traditional events into virtual events and remained connected and creative all the way through graduation for the class of 2020. We certainly could not have done it without the continued support towards the Fund for Grymes.
Check out the video for a peak at what our year looked like!

Parent Testimonials

“I have been a member of the Grymes community for fourteen consecutive years now, the parent of four Grymes Lifers, and have worn the wide array of hats that so many Grymes parents do that allow us to have great insight and connection to this school; I have served as many a field trip chaperone, class play costume and prop creator, annual fund representative, class parent, sports carpool driver, and as a member of the Board of Trustees for the past six years, I thought in that time and in those roles, I had seen all that Grymes has to offer my children.  Then came 2020 and a situation that we’ve never faced before.  This spring I learned that the appreciation and admiration I had for Grymes teachers in the past was to be no match for the present -our teachers are welcoming, accessible, creative, and attuned to our children as individual people. They designed creative projects to engage their students, made sure voices were given space to be heard in online meetings, and continued to encourage relationships with teachers and with one another.  During this time in which it was entirely too easy to have too much screen time, they consciously chose to ensure there were meaningful assignments and outlets that were away from a screen.  Grymes provided a supportive, loving, stable presence through the spring and never missed a beat in offering a full curriculum online.  We are so very fortunate to have a school which rose to this unprecedented occasion in the manner in which Grymes did, this was not the normal experience for the majority of families in other schools this spring, but a Grymes educational experience is not normal, it is extraordinary, and fundamentally it is that extraordinary experience and community that draws a family to Grymes and keeps us there, fourteen consecutive years and counting.

– Phoebe Warmack  (parent & member of the Board of Trustees)


“Grymes went above and beyond to create meaningful lessons, engage students, and nurture classroom bonds during the unexpected time of remote learning. We continue to be grateful for the support the GMS community provided for families — highlights from our family during remote learning include one-on-one phone calls, virtual class meetings, listening to daily stories, engineering lessons, art and music enrichments, “running the Appalachian Trail”, and showing our GMS spirit during virtual field day. The care, thoughtfulness, and creativity the Grymes community showed during this challenging time is a testament to strength and dedication of the faculty and staff. We are proud to be Grizzlies!”

-The Sydnor family (Grizzlies since 2014)

Graduation with the Class of 2020

It was not our traditional graduation ceremony this year, but it was still special. Our 8th graders were surprised with yard decorations, and on the day of graduation our full faculty and staff lined up on campus cheering for our students as they drove two laps around the circle collecting graduation boxes before heading home for a live watch party of our pre-recorded ceremony.

It was a special moment for many reasons. We were all so happy to see each other outside of a screen, and so proud of the accomplishments of these students, not just in the past few months but over many years of watching them grow up. We will miss them dearly and we hope they have learned valuable lessons at Grymes that they will carry out into the world. Grizzlies for life!


A message from our “specials” teachers at Grymes

Students at Grymes benefit from having art, music, P.E., library, and Spanish each week starting when they are in Kindergarten, all the way through 8th grade. During remote learning our teachers have been diligent about keeping in touch with their students and providing them with support and activities. Here’s a brief look at a fun video they made to remind students they’re always there for them!