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Welcome home! We’re so thrilled that you’ve found us online.

Whether we’ve recently said goodbye or we’re a part of your distant past, Grymes remains the place where you got your start. Here you met your earliest friends, you learned skills that you continued to use in high school, college and beyond, you found a voice and that voice is part of who you are today.

Whether you spent just one year with us or nine, you are always welcome home here. We’re so happy that you’re a part of our alumni family.

We are communicating via email more and more. Please make sure you update your email address so you can receive our communications, including invitations to alumni events and digital e-publications The Grymes Times and Grapevine. If we don’t have your current information in our database we miss you!

Please take a few moments to update your contact information and let us know what’s new with you since you left Grymes. We can’t wait to be in touch!