5 Things to Know Before Applying for Tuition Assistance

February 8, 2016

5 Things to Know Before Applying for Tuition Assistance

‘Tis the season for enrolling your child in school for next year! As you consider your options for the school year ahead, we welcome you to apply to the Tuition Assistance Program. Here are some helpful tips from the Advancement Office before you get started

1. Complete enrollment first

At Grymes, the Tuition Assistance Program is only available to enrolled families. The Tuition Assistance Committee cannot process your SSS evaluation unless we have a signed contract and enrollment deposit in hand for each child. So whether you are a returning family re-enrolling for another school year or you are a prospective family joining the Grymes community for the first time, you must first return your enrollment materials to the Advancement Office before submitting your SSS application if you’d like to be eligible for an offer!

It may seem odd to sign your contract without knowing for sure what your tuition will end up being, but since we have a need-blind admissions process, we must complete enrollment first. Remember that if you are offered assistance and the offer is not sufficient to meet your need, you will have the opportunity to cancel your contract (and the enrollment deposit will be returned in full) within ten (10) days of the offer.

2. Know your deadline

Returning families should plan to have SSS materials submitted by February 15th in order to receive priority consideration. Remember that our returning families receive consideration for aid first before newly enrolled families. Returning families who submit their SSS form after the February 15th cut-off will lose their “priority” status in the program.

New families applying to Grymes do not have a specific deadline to meet. Typically you will submit your SSS form immediately after you have returned your signed contract and deposit to the Advancement Office.

3. Get your taxes done early

We know it’s like pulling teeth, but your tax return is an important part of your Parents’ Financial Statement, or SSS form. If for some reason you can’t complete and upload your taxes directly to SSS before the February 15th deadline, you can give SSS your best estimate. You will be required to update the form when your taxes are completed at a later time, but estimating will help to move the SSS evaluation along in the meantime.  

* Remember that you are uploading your confidential information directly to SSS – not to the business office!  

4. You have options

We are committed to assisting our families as best we can with our limited resources, and we do offer a few options to help make tuition more affordable. In addition to need-based assistance through the Tuition Assistance Program, we can also direct you to a Tuition Loan Program, which can offer even more flexibility in making payments over time. We’re happy to provide you with information!

5. It’s ok to ask for help

We know it can be an overwhelming, and we’re here to help! Call Kim Jones in the Business Office at 540-672-2315 and she can guide you through the SSS form, help you prepare your documents and answer any questions about affordability at Grymes. Everything is completely confidential. All you have to do is ask!