Welcome! I’m delighted that you’re exploring all that our school has to offer and hope you will join us for a visit in person to see for yourself what we are so proud to share. When I first came to Grymes as a brand new head in 2005, I was struck by what a warm and welcoming place it was: smiling children who find joy in hard work and energetic play, a talented faculty devoted to each and every student, and parents who love to participate in the life of the school. This is a place where the exuberance of childhood is treasured!

Thirteen years ago, coming to Grymes felt like coming home, and it still feels the same all these years later!

Grymes is a school that puts character first. Honor, respect, responsibility, and kindness are the values around which we build our community. Grymes is a school that embraces creativity in the arts and in the classroom. Our students have the courage to try new things and even risk failure in the quest to learn and grow. This is a school that offers a strong sense of community, where every individual is known and valued. , and while we are a school that honors the traditions of our past, Grymes prepares students for the future with a truly twenty-first century approach to learning. Our curriculum is global in scope and encourages collaboration, problem solving and communication skills, and our plentiful technology resources set the course for a lifetime of learning in a digital world.

I hope you enjoy exploring our website, but even more, I hope you will give us a call and come for a visit to see for yourself what a Grymes education is all about!





Penny Work
Head of School

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