• Class Plays
  • The May Pole Dance
  • The Halloween Parade
  • The Secret Hike
  • Field Day
  • Field Day
  • Declamation
An incredibly impactful experience in every Grymes student’s year, Declamations are a wonder to behold. Beginning in Kindergarten, every single Grymes student memorizes a poem of their choice and recites it by memory on stage in front of their teachers, peers and parents. Not only is this program developing confidence, poise and courage in public speaking, but it also infuses a deep love of poetry in our community. Many Grymes alumni can still recite their declamations by heart!
All in good fun, our entire community from students, to teachers and staff celebrate the season by parading around school in costume. Many participants showcase home-made creations, and groups often dress together in a theme and compete in a costume competition judged by our Head of School.
Since our earliest days with Mrs. Grymes and her Kindergarten class in the 1950’s, May Day has been celebrated with much fanfare. The traditional May Pole Dance is artfully performed by the seventh and eighth grade girls in front of students, faculty, parents, grandparents and friends..
Every class performs a play on stage in front of the student body, faculty and parents throughout the year. We focus on memorizing lines, enunciating clearly and learning how to speak and move in character. Whether it’s Junior Kindergarten performing for twenty minutes or an hour-long Shakespearean production in the eighth grade, all students are engaged and active in the process of performing, costume creation, and set design.
A well-loved community-building tradition, the Partner Program pairs lower and upper school students together each year. Upper School students write a riddle describing themselves to their lower school partners and reveal their identities after the younger partner tries to guess who they are. Partner pairs meet monthly to share lunch, play time and share a fun, seasonal activity or community service project, and a sweet relationship grows as the older partners act as role models and special friends to their younger partner throughout the year.
The culmination to our Declamation program are eighth grade speeches performed at the end of the year. Every eighth grade writes a deeply personal speech and works closely with a faculty mentor to prepare, refine and present the speech in front of the student body, faculty and parents.
On the Friday before Memorial Day weekend each year, Grymes students compete against each other in athletic events that include a softball game, long jump, sack races, a run on “The Yellow Brick Road” and a tug o’ war. The day begins with an all-school “salute to colors”, and students accumulate points for the Red and White teams. A winner is announced at the end of the day, with much excitement!
A salute to our soon-to-be-grads, the Eighth Grade Dinner is a special moment in the eighth grade year. The week before graduation, students and families are invited to a formal sit-down dinner where several faculty members present a prepared speech with reflections, memories and well wishes for individual eighth graders.