It’s not unusual to see an 8th grader embracing her third grade partner in the hall, or to see a fourth grade boy pushing a Junior Kindergartner on the swings. It’s the Grymes community at work!

Grymes’ Pre-K through eighth grade structure is intentional. Our program allows children the opportunity to build confidence in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment during the incredibly formative elementary and middle school years. With 100% of our resources directed towards these all-important years, Grymes builds more than just a strong educational foundation. Grymes creates a joyful learning environment where students grow in character, confidence and maturity.

Our middle school students are the leaders, role-models and mentors of our community. Whether in the hallways while passing through their daily schedules, during assemblies when the whole school is gathered for the pledge of allegiance, announcements and community-building programs,  or on partner days when older partners lead their younger partners through a guided activity, our students frequently interact as a school family. Our upper school students understand that they are the leaders in the community, and they take the responsibility of their leadership role seriously.

A well-loved community-building tradition, the Partner Program pairs lower and upper school students together each year. Upper School students write a riddle describing themselves to their lower school partners and reveal their identities after the younger partner tries to guess who they are. Partner pairs meet monthly to share lunch, play time and share a fun, seasonal activity or community service project, and a sweet relationship grows as the older partners act as role models and special friends to their younger partner throughout the year.

The goal of the Student Leadership Council (SLC) is to teach leadership skills in an environment that builds confidence through small successes. Leading meetings, generating and then following through on ideas, keeping meeting minutes, making announcements during all-school assemblies and maintaining the SLC bulletin board gives students a sense of ownership and pride in being the leaders of the school and keeping the atmosphere of the environment positive and inclusive.

The SLC is run by two co-presidents, elected from the rising eighth grade class in the spring of their seventh grade year. Upper school students also elect the chairs of the SLC’s four committees: Honor, Social, Community Service and Spirit. Each upper school class elects four representatives (one for each committee) to represent the grade during committee meetings. The SLC meets as a whole during Activity Period once a month, and all ideas are presented to their faculty sponsors and thento the head of school for approval.