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Monthly Mashup: November

At Grymes, this was a November to Remember! Our students tackled new challenges in science and engineering while taking us to Neverland (and back!) on stage. Here’s a fun look at what November looked like at Grymes!


Engineering Fun

7th Graders were recently put to the test with one of Mrs. Sherman’s Engineering Challenges! The task: work as a team to design and build a structure that can hold at least one book 6 inches off the table using only newspaper and tape. The winning structure held 16 books!

Another Monthly Mashup: October

October? All over!

As the school year zooms by, it’s wonderful to see the smiles on our students’ faces as they achieve great things! Enjoy this mashup of all that they’ve accomplished in just a few short weeks! Read more

Building the Brain with Blocks

Simple blocks build more than just teetering towers… They build the brain.

Stroll down the Grymes hallway past the Junior Kindergarten classroom at the start of any school day, and you’ll often notice the happy buzz and chatter of students interrupted by the crash and clatter of a block tower collapsing. Read more

Morning Meeting: Setting the Stage for Success


Watch as our First Graders start their day with a handshake, a song and a smile! Morning meeting allows every child to be greeted, included and to feel special as the day begins.

A Tale of Two Teachers

How Dana Bost and Julie Yauger teach students how to write.

When asked how to teach students to become writers, Julie Yauger quickly responds “The only way to become a good writer is to write.” Dana Bost agrees, “Writing is a muscle. It needs exercise.”

They are two peas in a pod.

Read more